Sunday, 4 December 2011



In our world we have digital clocks (they have digits like 0,1,2,3) ...

... and analog clocks (they have hands) ...

Digital Clocks

Digital Clocks show us the time using numbers. The number on the left of the : is Hours, and the number on the right is Minutes:

5 Hours and 8 Minutes
9 Hours and 36 Minutes

Clocks with Hands

Clocks can also use hands to show us the Hours and Minutes. We call them "analog" clocks.

The Little Hand shows the Hours:

5 Hours

The Big Hand shows the Minutes:

30 Minutes
or Half-Past
15 Minutes
or Quarter-Past

Using both the Big Hand and Little Hand lets us know exactly what time it is:

2:30 or
Half-Past Two
5:15 or
Quarter-Past Five

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